Hi,  I guess I should start by explaining what this blog is – well that’s kind of tough. I have a few specific blogs but I’m always thinking of things that I would like to post that don’t fit into any of them. So that would make this basically a dumping ground for things that I want to talk about.

I’ll explain a little bit about myself, I’m a 35 year old father of two (boys aged 9 and 3), I’m a web designer that likes skateboarding, sketching, reading, playing guitar and a load of other stuff. It’s a hell of a niche and I can’t imagine there’s anyone out there that’s into the same things, but who knows?

You can see some of my design work over here at my heavily out of date portfolio site. Speaking of which, you’d think being a web designer that I’d have designed my own theme for this blog. Well, unfortunately the last thing I want to be doing is adding unnecessary work to to my already hectic schedule for what is basically the ramblings of an idiot. Maybe one day…

Last year I wrote an ebook about Going Freelance. It’s imaginatively titled Go Freelance and covers everything you would need to know  to make the jump to a freelance career, from helping you to make the decision and getting set up to keeping a healthy level of projects coming through the door and more.

Oh and finally, I used to put a load of ukulele related stuff on here but it was getting a little bit niche so I set up another website for that – you can check out Ukulele Go right here.

One more thing before I go – my oldest Son Ben has started up his own website which is all about things that he likes (computer games, guitars and that kind of stuff) check out Red Chemical if you’re interested!

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