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Walking Dead Birthday Card

It was Ben’s 10th birthday recently so I got the pens out and knocked him up a Walking Dead birthday card.

I should point out that Ben has never seen The Walking Dead before (that would be pretty poor parenting skills), but he is pretty crazy about zombies in general.

The drawing took around an hour to get down – it’s not an original, it was pretty much a straight copy from an illustration I found online. It was a quick job with a technical pencil to get it mapped out and then a couple of Sharpies to ink it up.

The card went down pretty well I’m glad to say!


Sketching More

Since the start of the year I’ve been trying to sketch a lot more, partly because I have a side project to do that is forcing my hand but partly because it’s something I wanted to do anyway.

I’ve always been decent at drawing but never really pushed it. At school I knew I could get amazing marks in art with minimum effort so that’s what I did, no-one ever really pushed me to get better and I wasn’t about to do it myself. In truth, I never really enjoyed art but I knew I was good at it and it wasn’t as boring as the other lessons so going to art college was kind of a formality.

But all that was 18 years ago now and I’ve barely drawn since. I did some stuff a few years as part of my day job for some pretty big names – Disney and Nickelodeon were among those names but that was very much me just dipping my toes back in – I’ve never been anywhere near as good as I was when I was 18. It makes sense really, I was drawing daily whether I wanted to or not.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I’m trying again – just little sketches here and there whenever I can. I’ve included a few images in this post – all of them have issues or areas that I’m not particularly happy with but it’s all in the name of improving…

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The Octopus Skateboard

A few months back my local skatepark (The Park, Subvert) were running a competition to design their next shop deck and I figured it was worth having a blast.

Pretty early on I came up with the concept of having an octopus on the deck. I’d love to say there is some clever reason behind it, but there isn’t. I just like octopuses, they’re just really bizarre creatures – I think Karl Pilkington put it best when he said that he didn’t find it strange that an octopuses testicles were inside it’s head as they would look weird dangling down below. Continue reading

Crazy About Learning

Maybe its because I’m getting old, but I find myself wanting to learn more and more stuff, at the moment I’m putting a lot of hours into my guitar, skateboarding, 3D, getting better at coding and also improving my drawing.

There’s definitely a process for learning but it’s one that I struggle with. Throughout learning you constantly have to strive for something that you can’t quite achieve yet – whether that’s spending time getting to grips with complex strumming patterns, attempting a trick that you’ve never landed on your skateboard, it doesn’t matter – it has to be something that you can’t already do. It sounds obvious I know, but I’ll explain my difficulty with it… Continue reading