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I’d Rather Go Blind

Quite a while back I bought Justin Sandercoe’s beginners songbook to embed some songs into my brain. I’d kind of skipped by this song by Etta James until today when I spotted Justin’s accompanying video tutorial.

It’s just two chords and I think that’s what had been putting me off. When I played it, it sounded dull and really repetitive so I never gave it much time. Then I watched this video…

It’s a brilliant guitar lesson and, as ever Justin explains it really well. For me it’s all about the embellishments and the variation that he gets into it. Justin makes two chords sound like so much more. Oh and it’s a pretty good performance from Salena Mastroianni on vocals too!

Hopefully I’ll pick up a few tips to get my sound more varied.

Crazy About Learning

Maybe its because I’m getting old, but I find myself wanting to learn more and more stuff, at the moment I’m putting a lot of hours into my guitar, skateboarding, 3D, getting better at coding and also improving my drawing.

There’s definitely a process for learning but it’s one that I struggle with. Throughout learning you constantly have to strive for something that you can’t quite achieve yet – whether that’s spending time getting to grips with complex strumming patterns, attempting a trick that you’ve never landed on your skateboard, it doesn’t matter – it has to be something that you can’t already do. It sounds obvious I know, but I’ll explain my difficulty with it… Continue reading

Returning To The Guitar

Back when I was about 23 I played a lot of guitar but I was never really very good. I never considered myself to have much musical talent (if any) and really could only play through spending copious amounts of time practicing. Initially I was self-taught, but I taught myself quite badly, I knew chords, scales and various riffs and bits of songs that I liked. I had no concept of rhythm or timing and while I could play some pretty complex stuff, I couldn’t play a single song all the way through, not even an easy one. Continue reading