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Benny Skateboarding

Here’s a little edit that I’ve been working on for my 9 year old son Ben. It’s just a little montage of all the footage that I’ve taken of him skateboarding lately.

It’s all filmed on my now pretty old iPhone 4, so it’s not the highest quality but it does the job. Obviously I do have other cameras but it’s a pain to cart a camera around with your while skateboarding so I tend to depend on the iPhone as it fits easily into a pocket.

Most of the footage is filmed at Subvert Skate Park in Xscape Castleford but there’s also some footage from Pit Wheels in Upton, Pontefract Park and a few clips from car parks too.

The Octopus Skateboard

A few months back my local skatepark (The Park, Subvert) were running a competition to design their next shop deck and I figured it was worth having a blast.

Pretty early on I came up with the concept of having an octopus on the deck. I’d love to say there is some clever reason behind it, but there isn’t. I just like octopuses, they’re just really bizarre creatures – I think Karl Pilkington put it best when he said that he didn’t find it strange that an octopuses testicles were inside it’s head as they would look weird dangling down below. Continue reading

Crazy About Learning

Maybe its because I’m getting old, but I find myself wanting to learn more and more stuff, at the moment I’m putting a lot of hours into my guitar, skateboarding, 3D, getting better at coding and also improving my drawing.

There’s definitely a process for learning but it’s one that I struggle with. Throughout learning you constantly have to strive for something that you can’t quite achieve yet – whether that’s spending time getting to grips with complex strumming patterns, attempting a trick that you’ve never landed on your skateboard, it doesn’t matter – it has to be something that you can’t already do. It sounds obvious I know, but I’ll explain my difficulty with it… Continue reading