Sketching More

Since the start of the year I’ve been trying to sketch a lot more, partly because I have a side project to do that is forcing my hand but partly because it’s something I wanted to do anyway.

I’ve always been decent at drawing but never really pushed it. At school I knew I could get amazing marks in art with minimum effort so that’s what I did, no-one ever really pushed me to get better and I wasn’t about to do it myself. In truth, I never really enjoyed art but I knew I was good at it and it wasn’t as boring as the other lessons so going to art college was kind of a formality.

But all that was 18 years ago now and I’ve barely drawn since. I did some stuff a few years as part of my day job for some pretty big names – Disney and Nickelodeon were among those names but that was very much me just dipping my toes back in – I’ve never been anywhere near as good as I was when I was 18. It makes sense really, I was drawing daily whether I wanted to or not.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I’m trying again – just little sketches here and there whenever I can. I’ve included a few images in this post – all of them have issues or areas that I’m not particularly happy with but it’s all in the name of improving…

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