Featherstone Rovers v Halifax

Ben’s First Rugby League Match

Being a northern lad, I like a bit of Rugby League, this is perhaps aided by the fact that I grew up on the doorstep of the Leeds Rhinos’ stadium in Headingley (although weirdly, that never got me liking cricket). That said, I’ve not watched a game live in years so when Ben’s school gave him a free child ticket to Featherstone Rovers v Halifax I took him and one of his friends along.

Featherstone Rovers v Halifax

Let me start by saying, Rugby League is probably the most northern thing in the world. You’ll never see so many flat caps and tracksuits in a single location in your life. The smaller stadiums tend to be sat in the middle of housing estates and it doesn’t matter who you follow, the single most heard chant at any game will be “get them onside ref!”. If you can bypass all that though, and I can as a northerner then it’s a great game to watch.

Featherstone Rovers are the closest team to where I live now so I guess that makes them my team these days (I’ll always be a Rhino really though). Featherstone ran out comfortable winners against Halifax 34-16 and it was a pretty good game that I think Ben and his friend enjoyed although it’s a difficult game to follow if you’ve not really got any knowledge of the rules. Who knows, maybe Ben will become a lifelong fan.

I’d definitely like to go see another game soon but I would like it to be the Rhinos next time.

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