Family Trip To London

As we’re saving cash for a big trip to Florida next year we continued our short breaks this summer with a short trip to London.

7 Hour Journey

Following an epic 7 hour journey (yep, 7 hours – traffic was insane) we finally arrived at our hotel (The Marriot in Bexleyheath), again we picked a hotel quite a way out which in hindsight wasn’t  a great choice but the hotel itself was really good – the room was really nice, the pool was great (I had to be dragged out of the spa pool), the restaurant and food were good so we were happy enough.

So Many People

With it being bank holiday weekend and the Rugby League Challenge Cup final between my home town Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers on there were people absolutely everywhere. We started with a visit to The Shard which is a massively impressive building with amazing views across the city. We followed this by heading to the Tower of London which is surrounded by a remembrance Poppy installation which looks stunning and there were huge crowds taking photos (and selfies) at every opportunity. If you get chance to see this I would definitely recommend it.

London Sightseeing

After lunch we headed over to Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing Street and then on to the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben (we had to take a pic of Ben next to his namesake!), I couldn’t persuade Ben to go on the London Eye (maybe next time) though. Following a day of sightseeing the kids were pretty wiped out so we headed on back to the hotel to chill out and recover for the night. Ben’s idea of chilling out is going to the pool and trying to do as many underwater somersault’s as he possibly can in a row (the record stands at 5 for anyone interested).

Hyde Park

On Sunday we went to Hyde Park, I took the car this time as I couldn’t face the multiple train journeys for another day. The traffic was way better and I parked pretty much under Hyde Park, right beneath Speaker’s Corner so it worked out well. I never knew Hyde Park was quite so huge so I was pretty pleased we had the skateboards with us. We cruised around the whole park on our plastic cruisers stopping at the Marble Arch (or close to it), Serpentine Lake, the various playgrounds, the Princess Diana memorial playground, the Albert Hall and Kensington Palace. It’s a great place to take the kids as there’s so much to see and do. It’s maybe one to do by bike though as it’s absolutely huge.


After Hyde Park we headed into Kensington (my wife seemed to want to bump into a cast member from Made in Chelsea, or better still Victoria Beckham) to see how the other half live. There’s some amazing buildings, although why anyone would want to live there with it being so busy from sightseers I do not know. We skipped Harrods this time having spent a lot of time there last time we visited London and headed to the National History Museum. I have to say I’m not a big fan of museums at all, I think this comes back from my days visiting them with school and I hate to say it but the National History Museum didn’t change my opinion. Ben however is obsessed with rocks and stones (I blame Minecraft) and Max, well he just loves to run around in big spaces so he was happy enough.

So that was pretty much our trip to London, I’m not sure how but in two days we managed to fit in seeing loads of sights, took loads of photos and were pretty exhausted by the time we returned. Next time we visit London we’ll definitely leave the car at home and look to stay somewhere much more central to avoid doing as much travelling. Next time I’d definitely like to see a show, unfortunately at three, Max is probably still a little too young to sit still (and quiet) throughout. All in all was a pretty good trip and I’m sure we’ll do it again soon!

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