Fourteen Miles – A New Short Movie

Me and Benny (or should that be Benny and I?) have recently been making a short film for an online competition for the Mcard travel card. The theme of the film had to be centred around buses or trains so we set out one Sunday and jumped on the train to Leeds as we took at journey to The Works skate parkā€¦

I think we shot something like 90 different bits of footage on my trusty (battered) old iPhone 4. I like the iPhone as a video camera for the main reason that’s it’s just so damn handy. At some point I’d like to upgrade as the camera is one of the things that gets the most attention from Apple but for now it does the job.

We shot the film really loosely with only a rough concept of documenting our journey. We had absolutely no idea what shots we were going to go and had to wing it pretty much all the way. Some of the footage is a little bit ropey but when you’re standing on a moving skateboard while filming, it’s hard to keep the camera still!

Here’s the final cut anyway, I hope you like it!


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