Crazy About Learning

Maybe its because I’m getting old, but I find myself wanting to learn more and more stuff, at the moment I’m putting a lot of hours into my guitar, skateboarding, 3D, getting better at coding and also improving my drawing.

There’s definitely a process for learning but it’s one that I struggle with. Throughout learning you constantly have to strive for something that you can’t quite achieve yet – whether that’s spending time getting to grips with complex strumming patterns, attempting a trick that you’ve never landed on your skateboard, it doesn’t matter – it has to be something that you can’t already do. It sounds obvious I know, but I’ll explain my difficulty with it…

I don’t like failing at things. There I said it. Who wants to fail at something when there’s another part you can do, and do well? Take skateboarding for example, I use it as an example as it’s the thing I struggle to improve at most. To become a better skateboarder you must constantly fail, and to fail generally means to fall. I can’t think of a better way to stop you from progressing, to publicly fall. Add to that, the fact that I’m 34 and most of the kids at the skatepark are about 16. When they see you turn up at the skatepark with a board and see your age, they expect you to be amazing. Enough about skateboarding though. This goes across the board. Getting a song on the guitar wrong over and over isn’t fun, messing up a drawing and coming out with something you can’t show anyone isn’t fun. Failing isn’t fun.

So to progress, you have to get your goals right. It has to be something that isn’t to far from your reach as you currently stand. If drawing is your thing and you’re struggling with anatomy then you don’t try and recreate the ceiling of the  Sistine Chapel, you maybe work on your proportions for a while, get things the right size, the right shape, very roughly. Little by little. The fun comes from these small achievements, progression comes from this. The feeling of elation from improving at something will keep you going.

I don’t even know the point of the post, I guess I hope it might help someone, I don’t know. I don’t even know if other people have this same issue that I have. I know the path to progression but I don’t always take it. In fact, I guess I’m writing this post for me – maybe getting this down and off my chest will help me.

Anyway, there’s a guitar in the corner waiting for me to play it!

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