Geocaching Seems Like Fun

I’d kind of heard of Geocaching before but it wasn’t until today that I showed it to Ben and we set out in an attempt to find our first Geocache.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s essentially a GPS treasure hunt. You sign up for an account, download the smartphone app and use it to find a geocache close to where you are. A geocache is basically a container of some sort containing a checklist, pen and possibly some little trinkets that you can swap.¬†Seems pretty simple.

I was pretty amazed to find out after downloading the app that there are loads of them around, there’s literally hundreds within a few miles of us. Apparently, there’s more than 2 million worldwide.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

So this evening we (me and my oldest son Ben) set out with a spare hour before it got dark and parked up close by to one of the markers on the map. We started looking around but did not have a clue what to look for, what size it was or anything like that. So we went back to the map and found another marker less than half a mile away. Again we got to the location but not knowing what to look for we failed to find whatever it is we were looking for. It was kind of gutting but at the same time we actually still had a good time searching around.

Since we’ve got back we’ve had a dig around on the website and found a few more clues. Tomorrow we’re going to give it another go. This could be a pretty good hobby for Ben, and one that gets him outside a bit more which I’m all for!

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