Short Term Guitar Goals

In the name of progress I’ve started making lists to help me progress with my guitar playing. I think it’s a good idea to be able to cross thinks off a list to really cement the fact that you’re improving.

At the moment my short term guitar goals list is this…

Learn all the notes on the neck – this is something I’ve never known but I think it will really help. Even if it’s just so I can play some barre chords over the top of some open chords.

Syncopated 16th note strumming with foot tapping – at the minute my foot is tapping on the accents which isn’t good.

Rock licks – just get a few rock licks down that I can throw in when I’m soloing. The more of these I know the better my lead playing will become.

Singing over more complex strum patterns – if I have a complicated rhythm to sing over at the minute my hand just reverts to a more simple pattern automatically while I’m singing.

Improving transcription skills – this is probably more of a long term goal but I’ll definitely see improvements along the way (in some ways I am already)

So that’s the current list, I’m hoping that in a couple of weeks it will completely change (otherwise I’m doing something wrong!)

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