Undisclosed fills a Serial shaped hole

I’ve talked about my addiction to the Serial podcast before, I’ve listened to it twice through now so I was really happy when I heard that Rabia Chaudry was making her own podcast focusing on the case.

Undisclosed is pro-Adnan, it’s worth knowing that before you listen. Rabia is a personal friend of Adnan’s and was the person that reached out to Sarah Koenig in the first instance which was the start of Serial. Whatever your own conclusions were following the end of Serial, Undisclosed is throwing up some interesting new angles and is digging deeper than Serial did.

It was always going to be a tough gig, following on from the most successful podcast of all time. Whilst Undisclosed isn’t anything to do with Sarah Koenig and the team behind Serial, it will always feel like it is. For that reason I think some will feel disappointed. It feels a lot more real – the whole Twin Peaks vibe that Serial had isn’t here. It’s very detail focused.Undisclosed is currently on Episode 3 and it’s getting better with every episode. At times it’s a hard listen as there’s so much information to process – names, places and dates come at you thick and fast but it’s well worth sticking with.

I can’t help but wonder how the whole thing will end.

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