I Bought A Ukulele

I took a trip to the guitar shop today to look at the mini amps as I think getting Ben into the electric guitar will keep him interested in learning. Well, they are pretty cool let’s face it.

No sooner than I’d grabbed a little Marshall micro amp, I found myself also buying a Peavey Jack Daniels concert ukulele. In truth, I’ve wanted a ukulele for a while but I didn’t plan on buying one today. It cost me £50 and I took the one off the shelf so I didn’t have to waste any time stretching new nylon strings (it’s a pain).

I’ve never played a ukulele before in my life, I’ve never even held one until today. In fact it was only a few months back that I found out that they only have 4 strings and all the chords are different from a regular guitar. I guess I wanted one as they’re really portable and just good for messing around with.

So far I’ve been teaching myself some chords and getting to grips with a few songs. Only basic stuff so far but it’s all good. It seems pretty easy to pick up and play but maybe that’s because I’ve played guitar for such a long time.

Here’s a quick video of me playing Ben E King’s Stand By Me…

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