Investment Portfolio Update

It’s pretty rare that I talk about my stocks and shares investments on here (how to start investing) but I figured it was worth writing a post that gives the current status on my portfolio. I haven’t included the actual value of those shares but as I’m only really wanting to talk about the gains and losses it’s not needed…

Share Code % Change (since purchase)
BT.A +17.06
BTG +36.93
GSK +4.87
MRW -36.71
SEPU -2.32
TCM +57.02
TRI +67.76
ULVR +1.78
VOD* -25.63

On the whole, it’s pretty good – as you can see I have a few shares that have really risen (BTG, TCM, TRI, BT.A and even my FTSE 100 index tracker). It’s not all been great news though as my shares in Morrisons have tanked pretty badly. It also looks like my Vodafone shares haven’t done well either but that’s actually not the case, I received a pretty good payout as a result of their stake in Verizon and it’s skewed the numbers somewhat – I’m actually around 25% up on those.

Let’s talk about Morrisons. It was a naive purchase, I didn’t check out the financials anywhere near enough. I looked at the top level story – Morrisons had finally gotten their act together and started trading online, there were plans in place for 100 convenience stores. I saw them as a bit of a sleeping giant. What I didn’t factor in was the growing impact of Lidl and Aldi and the tough ride that Tesco were having. I should also have had a stop loss in place. It was never going to be a short term play, but ultimately I didn’t do my homework properly. Lesson learned there.

On to some of the good performers. In TriFast (TRI), I may own one of the most boring shares on the stock market. They make screws and fixings for the automobile industry, it’s been an absolute stellar performer for me since I bought in at 46p/share and it doesn’t look like I’ve seen the end yet either.

Telit (TCM) have risen rapidly for me since purchase, it’s one of the companies that I know least about but I do know that they’re involved in the M2M sector which is growing fast – trading updates have been good too.

Sepura  (SEPU) have done almost nothing since I purchased the shares and I’m considering selling. Despite order book growth and positive statements, the share price never seems to budge and there are probably better opportunities out there. I say that though, you just know as soon as I sell them, they’ll start rising!

Overall, since I began investing which I think is around 2 years ago now, I think I’m around 30% up overall over my whole portfolio factoring in dividend payments shares that I’ve previously sold (either at a loss or gain), and current market value. It’s a far cry from the 2-3% I would have made having it sat in a bank account.


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