When I was growing up I remember times when Frank Sidebottom appeared on TV, it was always bizarre but it was pretty funny too. I was probably too young at the time to really question what a guy was doing with a giant paper mache head and what it really meant.

Whilst scanning Netflix for something to watch I found the film Frank. Now it doesn’t explicitly state anywhere that this film has anything to do with Frank Sidebottom but the fact that the lead character spends almost the entire film wearing a giant paper mache head attempting to make obscure music tells me that it was very much based on Mr Sidebottom (the late, great Chris Sievey). So I thought I’d give it a watch.

The film has got a real indie vibe to it which fits well with the story. The film follows keyboardist Jon as he stumbles into Frank’s experimental band The Soronprfbs and desperately tries to fit in with the bizarre line-up of troubled band members.

As a movie in it’s own right, it’s pretty interesting and keeps you watching never really knowing where it’s going to go (if anywhere). Michael Fassbender is great as Frank and doesn’t let the giant prosthetic head hinder his performance. What I did find a little strange is the film’s complete detachment from the real Frank. It’s bizarre having this musically obsessed bizarre character that looks exactly like Frank Sidebottom, but it’s not him. The story isn’t his but the name is?

From what I’ve read Chris Sievey had given his consent for the film to be made before he died back in 2010. I can’t help but feel that the real story of Frank Sidebottom would have made just as interesting, if not a better film.

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