The Divine Comedy And Me

A weird thing happened to me today. Last night I decided to record myself playing the Father Ted theme tune on ukulele and post it onto YouTube. I’d spotted the tab a few days back and since I’m a big fan of the show I wanted to have a blast at it.

I got through it on the second take (I messed up the first take right at the end!) and uploaded the video file, gave it a quick tweet from my very new Ukulele Go! Twitter account and thought nothing more of it. Then this morning I got a tweet back from The Divine Comedy (who wrote the song) saying they loved it and had posted it to their Facebook page. I was totally stunned. What a bizarre end to the year!


New Ukulele Website

After going a bit ukulele crazy lately and posting loads of stuff on here I’ve had a rethink and started stripping back a lot of that content. I’ve now set up a site specifically for anything ukulele related. If you’re into playing ukulele at all then head on over to Ukulele Go! to check it out.

I’ll be posting video lessons, bits of tab, gear reviews and basically anything that’s related to the ukulele at all there.