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Bridgewater Place, The Death Trap Of Leeds

The wind has picked up over the past few days which means only one thing. Leeds City Council will be forced to close the roads around Bridgewater Place and thousands of commuters will be late for work.

The first thing I should say is that I don’t disagree with closing the roads. It’s a necessity. In even medium windy conditions it’s an insanely dangerous place to be, either on foot or in a vehicle. I’ve seen pedestrians blown straight into the busy road that runs alongside on multiple occasions. It’s a common occurrence.

At present, when winds reach 45mph the surrounding roads have to be closed. If ever you’ve attempted to get into Leeds when those roads are closed you’ll know how much of an impact that has on commute times.

What baffles me is how such a death trap was ever allowed to be constructed in the first place. Clearly Aedas got the architecture all wrong (despite their award winning reputation) and there’s very little that can be done about it. They can hardly knock the thing down. Since the death of Edward Slaney back in 2011 and multiple complaints from the public Leeds City Council have been forced to close the surrounding roads, barriers have also been put in place. None of that changes the fact that it was a complete mistake ever allowing it to be built in the first place.

There are plans in place to construct a wind shield that will control the flow of wind and hopefully make it a safer place to be in high winds. I can’t help but feel that it’s 2015 now. Edward Slaney died 4 years ago and the wind shields are still nowhere to be seen.


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