Ebay Needs To Do More To Protect Sellers

I’m not a huge ebay user but it is pretty handy when you need to get rid of something. That said, I would say that at least half the time now when I sell something the buyer never pays.

It’s a slow process

Although ebay do reimburse their fees to you (assuming you follow the correct procedure) when a buyer backs out. It’s a massive pain. You’ve just waited a week for your auction, you’ve then given the buyer a few days to send the money, once you realise that’s happened it’s another 4 days minimum before you can reclaim the fees. It’s about two and a half weeks waiting time for a no-show.

Minimal punishment

Ebay’s punishment to the buyer that backs out is almost non-existent. You can’t leave negative feedback (I’m not sure why) and the buyer is free to do it again. It’s such a soft approach and I’m not sure that I get why. I can only assume that ebay’s policy of protecting buyers rather than sellers is because ultimately sellers don’t really have anywhere else to turn.

For anyone that’s in the same situation as me, here’s the page on ebay that explains the process you need to follow to get your fees back.

Anyway, I better get back to listing Ben’s Disney Infinity stuff (for the 3rd time)!

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