Escaping My Mobile Contract

In 6 months time my current mobile phone contract with O2 ends and I can’t wait to not have a contract any more. The plan is to finally upgrade my iPhone 4 to a Motorola G, a much cheaper but very well reviewed smart phone.

I’ve never really been the type of person that has to have the latest technology, and if the phone does the same job as my iPhone them I’ll be happy enough. I should probably point out that the iPhone is without doubt one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It was a total game changer, I use it all the time for anything from emails and surfing to managing my personal finances and listening to podcasts. That said, all of this is achievable with Android now.

The idea of carrying a £600 top of the range smartphone in my pocket with me does not sit pretty. I skate with my phone in my pocket (meaning I fall on it), I leave it lying around in the gym and I lose it. Cheaper is definitely better for me.

Add to that a contract of £30/month that whilst not as bad as it used to be (£45/month). It’s still excessive and just a waste of money.

Cheaper Alternatives

There’s a few options for me at this point, the first one is find a cheap contract elsewhere that doesn’t include a phone (as it ramps the price up). I’ve had a quick play with and it seems the best contract for me (heavy data user, not so big on calls and texts) is Vodafone’s sim only 4g (unlimited texts, calls and 1000mb data) at £17/month for 12 months. But it’s still a contract.

The second option is going for a PAYG deal and I like the look of GiffGaff. Their goodybags are cheap, £12/month for 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1gb data. No contract. Sounded pretty good.

In all likelihood I’ll go with GiffGaff, which runs on 02′s network so I’ll get the same coverage without being tied down. My wife has been using GiffGaff for a few years now and it’s been great and with her usage it only costs £5/month.

Maybe it’s part of getting older but I’d rather spend my money on more interesting things than mobile phone contracts and minutes that I’ll never use.

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