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Serial Podcast Withdrawal Symptoms

A few days ago I heard about the Serial podcast that everyone in the world seemed to have already listened to. I’m not sure what happened with me, maybe I’d just got a bit wrapped up in Christmas and somehow missed all the fuss.

The idea of Serial appealed, which actually sounds pretty wrong when you write it down. It’s a look into a real life murder case from 15 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a re-assessment of all the evidence, and statements and everything that goes with it. Initially I doubted that it could hold my interest for 45 minutes an episode but I was very wrong about that. I was immediately hooked. It’s probably the best thing I’ve either seen or listened to in the last 12 months.

At times it felt like Twin Peaks which is kind of ridiculous as Twin Peaks was as weird as it was popular. Still, the twists and turns reminded me of it a lot.

Unfortunately for me, 3 days of listening (12 episodes) went by pretty quickly and I’ve finished listening to it and now there’s a void that needs filling. It’s a bit like when I finished Breaking Bad, I need something else, only I can’t find anything.

Considering the first series of Serial took 12 months to put together we won’t be seeing the second series any time soon. I would imagine a few copies will crop up though.

A few people have recommended things to me but in truth none have them have gripped me like Serial did. I tried one episode of Crime and didn’t like it, This American Life so far hasn’t made the grade. The only one thing has any potential for me at the minute is The Staircase, but that’s based on me knowing very little about it. Or maybe I should just finally get around to watching The Wire, at least it’s set in Baltimore.

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