I’d Rather Go Blind

Quite a while back I bought Justin Sandercoe’s beginners songbook to embed some songs into my brain. I’d kind of skipped by this song by Etta James until today when I spotted Justin’s accompanying video tutorial.

It’s just two chords and I think that’s what had been putting me off. When I played it, it sounded dull and really repetitive so I never gave it much time. Then I watched this video…

It’s a brilliant guitar lesson and, as ever Justin explains it really well. For me it’s all about the embellishments and the variation that he gets into it. Justin makes two chords sound like so much more. Oh and it’s a pretty good performance from Salena Mastroianni on vocals too!

Hopefully I’ll pick up a few tips to get my sound more varied.

Benny Skateboarding

Here’s a little edit that I’ve been working on for my 9 year old son Ben. It’s just a little montage of all the footage that I’ve taken of him skateboarding lately.

It’s all filmed on my now pretty old iPhone 4, so it’s not the highest quality but it does the job. Obviously I do have other cameras but it’s a pain to cart a camera around with your while skateboarding so I tend to depend on the iPhone as it fits easily into a pocket.

Most of the footage is filmed at Subvert Skate Park in Xscape Castleford but there’s also some footage from Pit Wheels in Upton, Pontefract Park and a few clips from car parks too.